As a trainer/instructor, I am often asked by my clients what is a good all round rifle/calibre to buy. Is there such a thing, a good all rounder.

If one is asking, what is a calibre to meet all ones needs, especially for hunting/vermin control, then I don’t have the answer. Too many factors to consider including the individuals needs, ability and expectations.


  1. The ammunition is readily available in many brands, in a wide variety of types.
  2. The price of ammunition is relatively cheap in comparison to other larger calibres.
  3. Low report (sound), although one should wear ear protection, with standard and above velocities.
  4. Low recoil Both points 3 and 4 will assist in not developing a flinch, to the new and young shooters ( a nasty trait to acquire ).
  5. The round is relatively accurate, within it’s limits.
  6. Suffice to take out small game and pests, again within it’s limits.
  7. Ideal to practice the disciplines required to shoot accurately and safely.
  8. Can be found in just about all rifle configurations and actuations.
  9. The calibre provides the opportunities, to choose a rifle that may suit the individual preference in weight and handling ( a big plus for the young and light framed individuals ).
  10. As the . 22 rimfire rifle is produced by many manufacturers, the ability to keep within ones budget in check, is possible for most, from the inexpensive to the high grade firearms. Everyone to their own.

So there you have it, ten good positive reasons to consider a .22 long rifle rimfire, before anything else.

You can’t go wrong!

If you’d like to know more about the .22 long rifle or what would be your best choice of rifle get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options and the longarms firearms safety training that goes with it.