As an Instructor/Trainer to clients that want a Firearms Licence, I am often asked about suitable long arm safes.  Size, weight, price, key or keypad style locks, anchoring down and including the best place to purchase.

The main thought of the client is security and the integrity of the build of safe. One often missed factor on the security of one’s safe in my opinion is, location.

The location or where one intends to place or secure a safe, would have to be the most important factor.

I once moved home to a suburb where I was taking a stroll on the footpath, when I couldn’t help noticing a decent firearms safe that I must have sold them some time before.  I recognised the safe as I imported these safes myself with my own brand name.  The safe was located on the back wall of their garage and noticed when the driver was reversing out his garage.  I thought at that moment, I must have moved in the suburb called “moronville”.  That person has told me and anyone else walking past their home while the garage door was opened, that the household has firearms and their location.  Pretty sad. 

Please place your safe where it’s not likely that anyone else can view your prized possessions. Think, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.


Steve Gatt

Firearms Instructor